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Ouvertures & Stage Music (Thomas Fey)

Ouvertures & Stage Music (Thomas Fey)

Objednávkové číslo: ROSRD1935

Běžná cena: 329,00 Kč
Naše cena: 312,00 Kč

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Autor: Antonio Salieri

Vydavatelství: Haenssler

Základní informace:
Despite the popular mythology, Antonio Salieri was not envious of Mozart. Rather than a sinister rival, Salieri was an outstanding composer who developed his own unique musical language, who sadly, languished in infamy and obscurity for generations after his death. Thomas Fey has set a course to change that unwarranted neglect, unearthing many works by Salieri to give them their first modern performance. This current CD, almost entirely comprised of world premieres and original versions, gives Salieri a chance to heard on his own merits as a composer. Fey's first recording of Salieri was a huge success internationally - particularly the quality of the music gave rise to many very positive comments. Salieri writes very expressively, utilizing bold colors and well-defined gestures. The frequent, abrupt breaks and episodic character of his music draws parallels to today's film music. Indeed, it is to be remembered that above all else, Salieri was a composer for the Theater. The Mannheim Mozart Orchestra conducted by Thomas Fey have devoted themselves to the challenge of making the music of the classical era come to life with tremendous verve and fire. Indeed, Maestro Salieri would be pleased to hear his music so lovingly revived.


01 Il mondo alla rovescia Overture
02 Tarare Overture (Act I)
03 Axur, Re d´Ormus Picciola Sinfonia. Allegro assai (Act IV)
04 Palmira, Regina di Persia Overture
05 Die Neger Overture
06 Die Neger Picciola Sinfonia. Larghetto (Act II)
07 La grotta di Trofonio Overture
08 La calamita de´cori Non troppo allegro
09 La calamita de´cori Adagio
10 La calamita de´cori (Allegro)
11 Daliso e Delmita Intrada. Allegro (Act I)
12 Daliso e Delmita Lotta. Andante maestoso (Act I)
13 Die Hussiten vor Naumburg Overture
14 Die Hussiten vor Naumburg Entr´acte I
15 Die Hussiten vor Naumburg Entr´acte II
16 Die Hussiten vor Naumburg Entr´acte III
17 Die Hussiten vor Naumburg Entr´acte IV
18 L´Angiolina ossia II matrimonio per sussurro Overture





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